Surge Protection Power Strip

190 Joules Surge Protection with Three USB Output AUTO-ID + QC 3.0 18W 

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  • 2M. heavy-duty power cord. Helps ensure optimal power flow to connected devices. 
  • Simultaneously helps to protect multiple electronic devices while accommodating large adapters. 
  • Protect up to 4 devices against spikes, fluctuations, and electromagnetic interference. 
  • The integrated ABS sheik 850°C anti-flaming. 
  • Integrative copper, no welding spot, and stable current. 
  • Output: 2500W, suitable for any size of household appliances and mobile devices. 


Additional information 

  • Power Cord length: 2 meters 
  • 190 Joules Surge Protection
  • Pin: UK 
  • Color: White 

Additional information

Rated Paver

2500W-10A 110V-250V~

USB-A Output

100-250~50~60Hz 0.7A (Max)

QC Output (QC 3.0)

3.6-12V 18W

USB Output (Auto - ID)


Surge Protection Power Strip